Custom made orthotics are a bespoke device which ensure the individual foot is kept in its most efficient alignment. Custom made orthotics are popular with many athletes.

If you have high arches, low arches, plantar fasciitis, neuromas, or other foot problems, the rest of your body could be suffering for it. In fact, it’s common for mysterious knee pain, hip pain, leg pain, or lower back pain to originate in the feet.

Custom Made orthotics have many benefits such as:

Enhanced Foot Support and Comfort

Custom made orthotics are entirely bespoke, tailored to your specific foot care needs, the orthotics/insoles ensure complete comfort and is its materials and degree gradiences are individually selected to manage your specific foot type.

Reduced Pain. 

The orthotics act as a shock absorption by correcting your foot posture, this ensures that your body and feet are aligned into the correct position therefore improving the impact and pressure placed on your joints.  Which in turn can reduce/ cease any heel pain, knee pain or hip pain.

Bespoke modification to suit your specific foot type.

Bespoke orthotics can also be used to reduce/alleviate symptoms of foot conditions such as Plantar Facitiis, Morton’s neuroma and arthritis. This can be performed due to the wide range of materials and densities that we are able to use to modify such insoles. Patients are also able to have a say on their orthotic style and colour dependent on the use of the orthotic whether this is for a dress shoe orthotic, to improve sport performance or a casual orthotic

Foot Posture correction & Stability Improvement

Your foot posture in weight-bearing has an impact on all of your joints and muscles within and above your foot. Poor foot posture can lead to foot, ankle, shin, knee, hip and back pain. Custom made orthotics correct such foot posture into what is known as ‘a neutral position’ therefore balancing out the foot’s weight bearing across the whole of the foot.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

Through correction of your foot type which in turn improves stability, posture and your foot’s individual movement this will in turn improve performance whilst running, on the golf course, playing football or riding your bike.

Suitable for Children

All bespoke insoles are suitable for children with foot conditions such as club foot, flat feet, severs disease or growth plate injuries. As your child continues to grow we ensure that we can reduce the cost of additional pairs on orthotics ordered.

Reduced cost if you would like to purchase a second pair


We are able to discount the cost of a second pair of insoles if a like for like pair is ordered.


If you would like to make further enquiries in relation to our custom made orthotics or to book an appointment please email or call one of our branches today.


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