Custom Made Orthotics

Custom made orthotics are a bespoke device which ensure the individual foot is kept in its most efficient alignment. Custom made orthotics are popular with many athletes… See More

Commercial Contracts

Apart from typical foot problems such as corns, hard skin and painful nail conditions there are also underlying functional or structural abnormalities which also contribute to foot or lower limb pain… See More

Common Conditions

We provide routine podiatry/chiropody care at all five of our clinics whether this is general nail cutting, callus or corn removal. We are able to book patients back in on a routine interval to meet their podiatry foot care needs whether this be every six or eight weeks… See More

Residential Care Homes

Gold Standard Foot Care currently manage the chiropody needs of 13 residential care homes across the North West. Providing routine six weekly podiatry/chiropody care to residents… See More

Child Foot Health

We provide tailored foot care for all your children’s needs from verruca’s, in growing toe nails to the provision of insoles for developmental foot problems such as flat feet, club foot or limb length discrepancies… See More


Gold Standard Foot Care work quite closely with a number of different physiotherapy clinics across the North West.

We are happy to introduce our new in-house physiotherapist Janice Hulme who will be working each Wednesday at our Leigh Clinic… See More